Radioactive Iodine Container & Geiger Counter

Radioactive Iodine Precautions Before & During Treatment

One fairly significant hurdle that I’ve been dealing with in order to be able to move to Exuma is the big C – cancer. Thyroid cancer to be specific. I won’t go into all the details of the issues and diagnosis but I do want to talk about a specific part of my experience which is the radioactive iodine ablation treatment, and more specifically the precautions one needs to make before and during the treatment in order to keep those around them safe. Read more

Worst Excuse Ever

Hilary SpeedingI really don’t care about politics. 99.99% of them are crooks. I know only 1 person, a great friend of mine I’ve know for decades who isn’t, otherwise I would say 100%. But how in the world does “It wasn’t intentional” get someone off the hook? That sure doesn’t work for me – and I’ve tried it a couple times when caught speeding.

Next time, I’ll have to remind the cop that the FBI says it’s okay if it wasn’t intentional and see how that goes. My guess? Ticket! Read more

Oh, the Complexity of Life

Bob MarleyI’m glad I created a category called “ramblings” when I first set up this blog, because this is definitely going to be one of those rambling type of posts. I don’t know if anyone will ever read it and I really don’t care. Ironically even though I don’t really like to write, it seems like that is the only thing I can do to let my feelings out right now.

What used to be a rare occurrence for me, is now becoming more frequent: I am wondering what is the point in everything? Sure, I’ve had thoughts wondering about the meaning of life before, but this feels so different. So immediate. Like I NEED an answer to all this very, very soon. Read more

Converting to Pescatarianism (Almost)

Bahamian Pescatarian Conch BurgerWe LOVE food. I still can’t decide if that is a blessing or a curse, but I do know that we will have a much more limited selection to choose from on Exuma, whether we go out or at the grocery store.

For those who don’t know, it is worth to note that “the grocery store” means exactly that. There is one – Exuma Markets – in George Town. It is THE grocery store. I find it ironic that the name is plural, and there’s only one, but be that as it may. Read more

Here's our sign!

Here’s Our Sign

I really don’t know what to think of this.

Carrie and I are visiting her family for a week over Memorial Day in North Carolina where they have a cabin rental and have been exploring some of the nearby towns and surrounding mountains. Read more

The Simple Life

Bahamas Movie: Into The Blue

A few nights ago we watched Into The Blue on Amazon Prime and delightfully realized it was filmed in The Bahamas!

The idea of a beach front trailer camp with your own dock sounds pretty romantic – until a storm comes that is. But let’s be real, I doubt a place like this would be allowed to exist very long on all but the most remote out islands, let alone on New Providence. Read more

Dreams & Reality

Dream Becoming Reality

So, here goes my first blog ever….

Mika and I have been talking about making this move for a long time now. It’s hard to believe that we are finally making some headway and it might actually happen. Before a few months ago it all felt like a dream. Now it’s a dream becoming reality! Read more


Hello Rock!

This is the first post in our quest to move and live on a tropical island.

Inspired by the likes of Jimmy Buffett, Kenny Chesney’s Life on a Rock album, books, and our own desire to escape the rat race to a place where life is easy, weather is always warm, the beach sand is white and warm between the toes and the water is ever calm and crystal clear with never ending shades of blue.
If only it were that easy.  Read more